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The following is an account of my journey and experience as an intern at Gawking Geeks. This internship was under the curriculum mandate for the final semester engineering degree. However, the learning was more educational and curricular than I expected it to be.

A journey to enlighten India with tech.

About Gawking Geeks, who are they?

Gawking Geeks is identified as a multiple-platform technology and lifestyle web magazine that caters to the youth of today with media and entertainment content. Their main obsession is to simplify the way people look and perceive technology in their day to day lives and make it efficient, smarter and our lives better. Having a collective eccentric fascination…

An account of current and envisioned future of indigenous Video Game Development scenario in modern India.

An Introduction to ocean of opportunities.

An opinion summary of the growing Gaming Sector in India.

India is undoubtedly set to become the pioneers in the world’s gaming sector market, all thanks to one of the world’s largest youth population. With a respectable 14.3% annual growth rate and presently valued at $890 million(US), Indian Gaming industry has a trajectory of exponentially growing user base making the figures very promising for the new and forthcoming indie developers in the country.

Blockchain Technology is one of the future pillars of Digital World.

Gaming Industry has witnessed a metamorphosis in recent years, due to ever-changing and evolving technological innovations.

Classical obstacles like hardware performance limitations are long gone. New and more intuitive tech have been introduced in development as well as user base end, innovations like more complex Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality have become the next big things in gaming industry. It was inevitable, Blockchain technology to not intervene into it. But unlike the other aforementioned examples, one cannot simply imagine how Blockchain can influence Gaming world. …


Greetings my fellow readers, welcome to my first post on . I, being an undergrad student of Computer Science and Engineering came across this inevitable hot topic called Machine Learning, that is expected to change the future we are being readied for. Having an AI course as our core subject was a boon to our skill as future runners of computing industry. The revolution in technological advancements have been running steadfast, pacing at lightspeeds. Lucky to be able to grasp this concept is welcomed and why wouldn’t it be?

Let’s delve into the topic now shall we?

So we…


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